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The Andullation Therapy System
Andullation therapy is an advanced massage therapy based on mechanical vibrations energy and infrared treatments in the promotion of relaxation and enhancement of general health and well being. Andullation therapy aims to relieve complaints arising from incorrect stress on the spine as well as conditions not involving the spinal column, such as circulatory and lymphatic disorders.

This is a totally new massage method of treatment based on a combination of mechanical vibrations that arouse a resonance in the cells and waves of infrared electromagnetic heat. The Massage Bed for andullation therapy is the first certified medical product to employ andullating massages with thermal infrared deep heat.
Basic Physiological Benefits:
The vibrational (oscillating) waves produced by the massage system penetrate deep into the muscle tissues, expanding blood vessels and boosting circulation through the entire body. The results typically associated with the therapy include:
• Improved metabolism
• Enhancement of the transport of vital oxygen and nutrients (stimulate circulation)
• Pressure on muscle groups is eased
• Pain sensations reduced
• Natural physical functions supported
• Physical and emotional wellbeing enhanced
• Improve spinal flexibility
• Ease tension
The Medical Massage System is not only optimal for use in physical pain and rehabilitation, but also an important tool in the area of prevention. After just one application, the massage system can lead to an increased sense of well-being. It has been effectively proven that use of the massage system helps users achieve a state of relaxation quickly and highly effectively. It was clearly demonstrated that, when used consistently over a period of time, the massage system trains the ability to relax. The stimulation of the muscles and skin is one of the most important factors in the ability to relax. Relaxation is a key aspect for battling negative stress (dis-stress) and as such creates a foundation for healthy aging.
Deep Infrared Heat
Infrared heat emits warm waves that penetrate deep into the skin. This warms and stimulates the skin, so that the blood vessels expand and circulation increases. Warmth also opens the pores. Infrared heat helps protect the health of your skin because it has a stimulating effect on blood circulation.
Andullation belongs to the new generation of treatment methods based on biophysical principles. There are 5 basic operating principles through which Andullation can have a positive effect on our bodies.
OP 1: Energy production in the cell
OP 2: Superimposition over the pain signals
OP 3: Stimulation of the blood circulation
OP 4: The actuation of relaxation mechanism
OP 5: Stimulation of the flow of lymph fluid

The Use of Andullation Therapy at the Health Centre:
The use of andullation therapy may be recommended as compliment to the treatment protocol. The massage bed has specific programs preset for a variety of conditions, and these can be incorporated into the treatment plan if required. Specific preset programs include:
• Deep muscle massage
• Lymphatic stimulation
• Tapping massage
• Relaxation
• Reflexology
• Release of muscle hardening
• Acute back pain
• Neck relaxation
• Joint mobilisation
• Tissue tightening
• Boost metabolism
• Targeted treatment of visceral fat
• Deep relaxation
• Active sports massage
The Andullation Therapy System comprises a total of 6 basic and 14 medicinal programmes, while the intensity levels for the oscillator motors and infrared deep heat radiator are preset. Its possible to set the intensity individually within each program.

The top range model Andumedic® comprises all 20 programmes, whereas the middle range model Andubalance® comprises 10 programmes and the mobile range model Anduflex® comprises 2 programmes.
Basic Programmes

1) Warm-up
2) Deep Muscle Vibration
3) Lymphatic System Stimulation
4) Pulse Vibration
5) Relaxation
6) Reflexology Stimulation

  Medicinal Programmes

7) Tension Loosening
8) Chronic Back Complaints
9) Neck Relaxation
10) Joint Vitalisation
11) Power Napping
12) Activation
13) Sports Recovery
14) Specific Treatment of Visceral Fat
15) Deep Relaxation
16) Cardiovascular Stimulation
17) Soothing Acute Pain
18) Sleep Disturbance Redressing
19) Body Tissue Relaxation
20) Stress Tolerance


Same technology - different markets and target customers:
20 Programmes   10 Programmes   3 Programmes
Motivation: Pain relief, enhanced mobility, increased performance   Motivation: looking healthy and feeling good   Motivation: being fit and active

Indeal to restore health and treat moderate to chronic conditions   Ideal to support wellness treatments and alleviate mild conditions   Ideal to support your own working out and staying fit program

Part of your therapy/treatment   Part of your beauty program   Part of your lifestyle

May involve a physiotherapist, GP or other health pro   May involve a nutritionist, or wellness coach   Unlikely to involve a health professional

Certified medical grade device   Certified wellness device   Versatile fitness product

The very best of Andullation® therapy   Andullation® benefits tuned to wellness requirements   Andullation® technology in a compact & lightweight device

May involve a physiotherapist, GP or other health pro   May involve a nutritionist, or wellness coach   Unlikely to involve a health professional

Requires dedicated space   Requires dedicated space   Easy to use anywhere on-the-go

Recommended to treat: different forms of pain such as chronic back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, but also to boost performance in the field of sport and facilitate recuperation/regeneration   Recommended to treat: water retention, controlling body weight, facilitate lymph drainage & detoxification, body shaping, tackling cellulite, delaying the ageing process, reducing stress, facilitate deep relaxation, mental & physical balance   Ideal to counter sluggishness by procuring a boost of energy / extra vitality. Recommended to warm-up or relax tense muscles and provide relief with heavy legs
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