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L-Arginine found in ProArgi-9 plus is the only known precursor to Nitric Oxide.

Without Nitric Oxide human life is not possible.

Known as “The Best Anti-Aging Product on the market.”

Scientists call it the “Miracle Molecule”.

Revolutionary product with astonishing results.

ProArgi-9+  MADE IN USA

“Breakthrough Product of the Century”
– Source: Success Magazine
How ProArgi-9 Plus may benefit you?

  • Higher energy Levels
  • Better Mental Clarity
  • Less fatigue – greater endurance
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased ability to exercise
  • Healthy sexual performance
  • Reduction in body fat
  • Increase in lean muscle
  • Better immune function
  • Improved sleep pattern
  • Reduction in wrinkles and cellulite
  • Skin health (e.g Psoriasis/ Eczema)
  • Feeling of overall well-being

What are Lifestyle Diseases?
Lifestyle diseases are symptomatic of everything that is wrong with today’s lifestyle. Although the term was once used interchangeably with ‘longevity diseases’, this no longer holds true, as lifestyle diseases are no longer age specific. Diseases that are linked with lifestyle choices such as those caused primarily by the consumption of junk food and processed food, lack of physical activity, work stress and other factors have now begun to affect young adults and children as well.
Some of the most common lifestyle diseases include:
• Atherosclerosis
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Some types of cancer
• Asthma
• Liver cirrhosis
• Type 2 diabetes
• Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
• Heart disease
• Metabolic syndrome
• Chronic renal failure
• Stroke
  • Osteoporosis
• Obesity
• Depression
• Unhealthy Eating Habits
• Lack of Physical Activity
• Obesity
• Stress and Anxiety
• Poor Sleep
• Smoking
• Alcoholism
  The age of your arteries is directly or indirectly implicated in practically every cellular response and health condition imaginable

• cardiovascular system
• immune system
• hormone function
• nerve and brain function
• skin and joints
• gut function
• sexual function
• kidney function
22 reasons to use ProArgi-9+

• 1 – is one thousand times more powerful than any naturally occurring antioxidant in the body and may protect against heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes, as well as slowing premature ageing.

• 2 – offers wide-ranging cardiovascular support, including controlling blood pressure and plaque formation helps normalise blood pressure, preventing hypertension and angina.

• 3 – enhances memory, may help to reverse the effects of dementia and Alzheimers disease.

• 4 – boosts human growth hormone (HGH) production, which has anti-aging properties.

• 5 – enhances messages between nerves and the brain.

• 6 – may help improve immune function and fight bacterial infections.

• 7 – may help in the treatment and complications of diabetes including poor circulation and blindness, and is also found to regulate insulin secretion in the pancreas.

• 8 – may inhibit the division and proliferation of cancer cells.

• 9 – helps with cholesterol control by lowering serum and LDL cholesterol levels.

• 10 – nhances male sexual performance by treating vascular erectile dysfunction (ED).

• 11 – anticoagulant abilities reduce clotting to lower heart attack and stroke risk.

• 12 – reduces pregnancy-related hypertension, a risk factor for both the expecting mother and the unborn child.

• 13 – is useful in the treatment of asthma and the treatment of lung disorders.

• 14 – relaxes hypertonic sphincter muscles, preventing and healing hemorrhoids.

• 15 – boosts lean muscle mass and preserves bone density so it may be useful in weight management and strength training.

• 16 – boosts nitric oxide levels in smokers.

• 17 – helps to accelerate wound healing, post surgery recovery, burns especially in the elderly.

• 18 – enhances athletic performance due to its ability to boost exercise tolerance, and build lean muscle tissue.

• 19 – may be used to improve the function of the prostate.

• 20 – may prevent and possible reverse the effects of osteoporosis.

• 21 – has been used in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and to reduce the occurrence of ulcers (especially stress-related) without affecting gastric acid production.

• 22 – may improve kidney function and slow the progression of renal disease and age-related chronic renal failure. L-arginine’s protective effect on the kidneys may also benefit those with diabetes.

  In 1998 The scientific community validated the remarkable properties of L-arginine by awarding three American scientists with the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine. They discovered the remarkable role that L-arginine plays in the production of nitric oxide in the body. Columbia University has referred to L-arginine as the ‘magic bullet’ in human health. Through it’s exhaustive studies into the properties of L-arginine, Columbia researchers have compiled over 10,000 citations. This phenomenon is even included in the course material at the Columbia University of Medical Physicians and Surgeons. Similar studies have been conducted at Stanford University & others, all with the same results.
Video Testimonials – Physicians

Dr. Louis Ignarro
Nobel Laurette
Dr. Louis Ignarro
Nobel Laurette

Dr. Louis Ignarro
Nobel Laurette
Dr. Joe Prendergast
Formulator of ProArgi9+

Video Testimonials – Patients

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