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How Oxygen Bean came about – ESSENTIALS HEALTHY LIVING
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How Oxygen Bean came about

ESSENTIALS HEALTHY LIVING / How Oxygen Bean came about

A love story-self healing at its best

A New Beginning

In 1993, Dr Yu and his wife enthusiastically ventured to the United States and like any young couple, they hope to start a new life with a vision of improvement. In 1995, in the midst of joyfully welcoming their new born son, Mrs Yu was met with a devastating diagnosis of lupus erythematosus, an autoimmune disease that destroys the body’s immune system and potentially threatens her life.

She has to resort to a barrage of medications prescribed by a rheumatologist and it causes debilitating side effects, experiencing physical discomfort, allergies, joint pain, constant fever, fungal infections and chronic fatigue. 

Desperation and the Quest for Alternatives

Desperately with no hesitation, Dr Yu turned to seeking alternative solutions in Chinese medicine but concerns in the safety of the herbal remedies in particular the presence of heavy metals and pesticides directed him to research deeply into medical literature, unearthing piles of medical research in search of a fundamental component that unlocked the secrets of healing.

A realization from a quote in a medical literature, in 2014 ignited a spark of inspiration and hope: “ There is only one disease in humans – CELL FAILURE “. This led Dr Yu to explore cellular health and consequently focus on oxygen as it is the foundation of maintaining the cell’s vitality as well as a dominant element in human biology. The search to unveil the power of oxygen in cellular health, its ability to enhance immunity and its potential to address lupus has navigated all efforts to research deeper into the world of oxygen therapy.

The Oxygen Revolution 

Driven by an unwavering love for his wife, Dr Yu pursued every lead, no matter how remote it seemed. The moment that revelation of cellular hypoxia or lack of oxygen in the cells could be the root cause of many chronic diseases including lupus, hope was raised and it cultivated an accelerated momentum towards reaching a solution.

In harnessing the power of oxygen, all oxygen supplementation technologies and products were researched upon but none could meet Dr Yu’s requirements. Again after having read Yael Adler’s book on “ The secret of Skin “, it gave the idea to develop a device to facilitate the process of absorbing oxygen through the skin.

In 2017, with continuous persistency and experimenting with different methods, and also the discovery that oxygen could have totally different rate of absorption into the skin in water as compared to air, a workable machine (OWG)was realized after enabling to treat water and to reduce the polarity, a factor that hindered oxygen absorption.

From Recovery to Innovation 

In 2018, the machine achieved reliability and Dr Yu’s wife began , undergoing oxygen water baths consistently and

it transformed her life positively as all the symptoms gradually disappeared and miraculously the 5 lipomas on the right side of the chest have vanished.

Empowered by a remarkable recovery, she became a fervent ambassador for oxygen therapy, sharing her stories through social media and personal interactions. It has inspired many individuals seeking alternative therapies to experience using the OWG. Their success in health improvements and addressing many other medical issues, further accelerated Dr Yu’s mission of sharing the benefits of oxygen therapy with the world.

As the benefits of oxygen therapy spreads and interest by individuals grows, suitable oxygen supplementation inherited an recurring challenge i.e. OWG portability limitations. The need for an easy, consumable, edible and convenient form of oxygen supplementation is inevitable and evident. Thus the oxygen bean ( OB ) was born and its formulation uses cocoa butter, a natural substance that melts at body temperature, releasing oxygen ions when ingested. It is then absorbed by the gastrointestinal mucosa and distributed throughout the body and an effective way to supplement oxygen levels, offering a lifeline to those suffering from various chronic health diseases.

Dr Yu’s unwavering energy and a relentless pursuit of a healing solution signifies the indomitable human spirit, a beacon of hope for those battling chronic disease. Even in seemingly insurmountable odds, the power of love, determination and innovation can prevail.

A future where oxygen therapy revolutionizes healthcare, empowering individuals to take control of their well-being and reclaim their lives will prevail and be expected to be readily adopted.

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